Jaka Bostjancic Interview: Producers Deserve More Attention

2019 is definitely the year of music producers, especially the ones making their living off music online. Jaka Bostjancic is one of them and he talked to us about things that happen behind the scenes, how he got into music and why he thinks producers deserve even more attention.

Jaka Bostjancic and Selling Beats Online

Photo by Jaka Bostjancic

In today’s era, entrepreneurs can earn their living solely operating on the internet and this is no different for music producers. They don’t have to go out and build real life connections with artists, they can simply put their beats on a website, promote in and get sales. Then make some new beats and repeat the process. There are even producers making 6 to 7 figures that way.

But, Jaka Bostjancic, who originally comes from Slovenia, thinks producers deserve even more attention. “We as producers are the masterminds behind every song. Sure, artists matter too and without them we wouldn’t matter much, but really think about it. We come up with a melody, make drums, decide on a tempo, mood, sounds, etc. We basically come up with the whole song plan and just need artists to execute it. In reality, we should get as much credit as artists do, which we unfortunately don’t. Sure, we’re getting more appreciation and there are a few really famous producers, but that’s just not it. We deserve more.”

Jaka started making beats when he was 16 and since the moment he made his first beat, he knew music is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. His beats weren’t too good in the beginning, as it is expected from producers just starting out, but as he got better, his audience got bigger as well.

He currently has a fan base of over 30,000 people from all around the world and is not planning to stop there.

“This is just a beginning, I barely even warmed myself up. I got a big plan in mind and I’m working on it every single day, this is the kind of stuff that makes me go up in the morning at 5AM.”

He has built up his whole music carrier right on the internet and didn’t know anybody in the music industry before that. “When I first started out, I didn’t know anybody who could help me out. Then as I started releasing new beats every week, I started getting more attention. When I got pretty good at it, I decided to work on getting connections and the first thing I did was contact famous Slovenian singers / rappers. I didn’t even put a price on my services as I just wanted to learn and get connections. Besides that, making music is really fun for me so if I can take a few days “rest” and work on it as a hobby, make something that I won’t be paid for, so be it. I don’t mind at all.”

Jaka said hearing his first song on a radio was something all he ever dreamed of. “You know, when I was even younger, like 10 years old, I wanted to be a DJ. I made some mixes and posted them on my Soundcloud, and just like any kid out there, I had no shame. So I started contacting radio hosts and asked them about radio stations and how is it to work there. Back then I even wanted to start my own radio station, but I figured it’s very hard unless you have a lot of money. So I just sent out some of my mixes to radio hosts and what do you know – one of them got played within a week. I was proud, but that just wasn’t it. Those were not really my song, I just mixed them together in a nice way. So, when I got my first real song played on a radio you can imagine how excited I was. It was something I created and nobody but me and the singer had rights to it. It was our baby, so to speak.