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Jaka Bostjancic Interview: Producers Deserve More Attention

2019 is definitely the year of music producers, especially the ones making their living off music online. Jaka Bostjancic is one of them and he talked to us about things that happen behind the scenes, how he got into music and why he thinks producers deserve even more attention.

Jaka Bostjancic and Selling Beats Online

Photo by Jaka Bostjancic

In today’s era, entrepreneurs can earn their living solely operating on the internet and this is no different for music producers. They don’t have to go out and build real life connections with artists, they can simply put their beats on a website, promote in and get sales. Then make some new beats and repeat the process. There are even producers making 6 to 7 figures that way.

But, Jaka Bostjancic, who originally comes from Slovenia, thinks producers deserve even more attention. “We as producers are the masterminds behind every song. Sure, artists matter too and without them we wouldn’t matter much, but really think about it. We come up with a melody, make drums, decide on a tempo, mood, sounds, etc. We basically come up with the whole song plan and just need artists to execute it. In reality, we should get as much credit as artists do, which we unfortunately don’t. Sure, we’re getting more appreciation and there are a few really famous producers, but that’s just not it. We deserve more.”

Jaka started making beats when he was 16 and since the moment he made his first beat, he knew music is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. His beats weren’t too good in the beginning, as it is expected from producers just starting out, but as he got better, his audience got bigger as well.

He currently has a fan base of over 30,000 people from all around the world and is not planning to stop there.

“This is just a beginning, I barely even warmed myself up. I got a big plan in mind and I’m working on it every single day, this is the kind of stuff that makes me go up in the morning at 5AM.”

He has built up his whole music carrier right on the internet and didn’t know anybody in the music industry before that. “When I first started out, I didn’t know anybody who could help me out. Then as I started releasing new beats every week, I started getting more attention. When I got pretty good at it, I decided to work on getting connections and the first thing I did was contact famous Slovenian singers / rappers. I didn’t even put a price on my services as I just wanted to learn and get connections. Besides that, making music is really fun for me so if I can take a few days “rest” and work on it as a hobby, make something that I won’t be paid for, so be it. I don’t mind at all.”

Jaka said hearing his first song on a radio was something all he ever dreamed of. “You know, when I was even younger, like 10 years old, I wanted to be a DJ. I made some mixes and posted them on my Soundcloud, and just like any kid out there, I had no shame. So I started contacting radio hosts and asked them about radio stations and how is it to work there. Back then I even wanted to start my own radio station, but I figured it’s very hard unless you have a lot of money. So I just sent out some of my mixes to radio hosts and what do you know – one of them got played within a week. I was proud, but that just wasn’t it. Those were not really my song, I just mixed them together in a nice way. So, when I got my first real song played on a radio you can imagine how excited I was. It was something I created and nobody but me and the singer had rights to it. It was our baby, so to speak.

What Is Dropshipping All About?

Drop shipping is a model of simpler supply chain management via one (online) broker, which connects the customer with a wholesaler, thereby shortening the supply chain and margins. The seller (portal) does not have a stock of offered items, but directs the buyer’s order directly to the manufacturer or wholesaler. The agent provides a fee that is much less than a commission in classic online and ordinary stores.

There are even dozens of online courses about dropshipping – the most popular one is made by Kevin David (you can check out the Shopify Ninja Course review)

Drop shipping has expanded with the development of AliExpress’s intermediary portal, which connects the customer with Chinese companies. AliExpress allows Chinese (small) businesses to reach customers all over the world. From online providers such as Amazon, AliExpress differs in that it does not have its stock of products offered, but merely connects independent sellers with customers. In this respect, AliExpress is more like eBay, where independent vendors, not necessarily companies, offer their products. Like on eBay, AliExpress also advertises natural persons.

Drop shipping procedure

The broker advertises products on the web portal, in a catalog or in a similar way, but does not adhere to their inventory of the products offered. The buyer chooses the goods, and the intermediary sends the demand to the producer / intermediary who sends the goods directly to the buyer without the intermediary. The intermediary (portal / catalog provider) only participates in the first stage of collecting and submitting offers, but not when delivering goods.

Drop shipping is common in wholesale orders, even in building materials. Gradbinec will choose on the portal the quantity and quality of the goods, which will then be delivered directly to the construction site by the manufacturer itself, not by an intermediary. Drop shipping is also common in online auctions, but more often it also applies to large custom orders.

It is common practice that the portal does not know who the manufacturer or seller of goods is. This protects the manufacturer himself so that he can continue to sell with other brokers, not only through drop shipping. We also know this business under the name of blind shipping. The problem of such a model is that the buyer does not have the producer’s title for a possible return of goods. The return of goods therefore involves a broker, which may pose a problem with short recovery times.

The main advantages of drop shipping are three:

  • the cash flow is not burdened with a number of intermediaries but connects the producer with the buyer through a single interface at the bid stage,
  • all articles in the chain avoid unnecessary stocks,
  • the producer can maintain his anonymity and thus sell the same products on other markets at different prices.

The risks associated with drop shipping are as follows:

  • the offer with an intermediary does not reflect the stock of stocks at the manufacturer, as it is not updated after each purchase,
  • limited possibilities for checking the quality of goods, which can lead to the purchase of counterfeit and / or non-quality goods.

The Best Acoustic Guitars On The Market

Choosing your first or a new acoustic guitar can be extremely exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The market is by all means diverse, as there are tons of manufacturers and models. And, this is not to even mention the features and competing prices. There is also a wide range of body sizes and shapes that were designed for specific purposes and give off very distinctive looks.

Some acoustic guitars are designed to give off a bluesy appearance, while others might give off a classic look. It really is enough to make your head spin. Not to fear though, because below you will find a comprehensive list of the best acoustic guitars currently available on the market.

If you want to see more detailed guide, I suggest you read about the best acoustic guitars on other websites too.

Martin 000-15M

 Martin is no doubt a household name when it comes to acoustic guitars and there really is a good reason for this. Just look at the Martin 000-15M. The all mahogany body not only makes for a beautiful look, but it gives off warm voicing with a mid-range presence. The 000 body design really balances the sound of the guitar when playing fast lead lines. And, thanks to the beautifully constructed and smooth rosewood fingerboard, you won’t have a problem scaling up and down the neck.


Taylor Big Baby BBT

 The Taylor Big Baby BBT was really designed for the guitarist on the go. This is a traditional dreadnought guitar, but it is slightly smaller than what you would normally see with the dreadnought body shape, which is what makes the guitar so portable. That being said, the smaller size won’t make a major difference when it comes to sound and performance. What really makes this one of the best acoustic guitars is the Sapele wood design. Sapele wood does possess some of the same qualities as mahogany, but the major difference is that Sapele produces a higher-end response. This coupled with ebony neck and you won’t have a problem playing a variety of genres of music.


Taylor 314

When it comes to quality and versatile playing options, you probably won’t find anything more suitable than the Taylor Grand Auditorium 314. The uniquely grand auditorium body shape features a strong low-end response with punchy mids and sparkling high-ends. This is what makes the instrument so suitable for all genres of music. The perfectly designed fingerboard and the lightweight construction make finger movements so smooth that you won’t have a problem playing anywhere on fingerboard. It should be noted that this guitar is also constructed with Sapele, which adds more complexity and overtones to the sound. This guitar literally almost sounds like a piano.


Ibanez AC240 OPN

Ibanez is a name that is synonymous with electric guitars, but that are certainly capable of creating a quality acoustic guitar as well. The grand concert body design might be a step down from the dreadnaught, but this is what gives the guitar a more pronounced mid-range sound that is much more responsive. It also makes this guitar and excellent pick for individuals that want to lead flat pick and explore a variety of other finger style arrangements. The beautiful solid mahogany top doesn’t hurt either.

You can also check out this video, which explains a bit more:

Led Zeppelin First Played Around 50 Years Ago

Just around 50 years ago, at the first joint exercise, a couple of friends formed the legendary band Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham felt instant connection at that time in the basement room on London’s Gerrard Street. Who knew that their connection would turn out to be something so great!

In interview back in 1990, John Paul Jones said, that the room they practiced in was indeed a very small place. He said that he, and the rest of band’s members, just stared at each other and wondered which song to play. Then they though of playing a song called Train kept a Rolling by Yardbirds. They started playing, the room exploded and the rest is a history.

Robert Plant said that he remembered the immense power of their first meeting and immediately knew that this is something they have to preserve.

Led Zeppelin is one of the most influential bands in musical history, with its diverse musical influences, such as blues, psychedelia and folk music. They contributed decisively to the development of hard rock.

Most music was written by Page, and the text was taken care of by Plant. After Bonham’s death in 1980, the group officially stopped working, but later met several times.

At first, people had a hard time accepting Led Zeppelin, but they later became a great commercial success.

They achieved the greatest success with the fourth album titled Led Zeppelin IV and became one of the best-selling albums. The critics said that it is one of the best records of all time.